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If you are here it is because you have answered "I may well be Interested" and we have agreed that your case may be "a suitable case for therapy". Please fill in the Form below and click the button to send to us via email. If you hit Enter by mistake while filling in the form, just click BACK to return to the Form. We will get a partially completed form and while we will "not be amused" we will not be upset.

Privacy Matters

If you are worried that we have no "Privacy Policy", then please rest assured it is because we simply "respect your privacy" and every question below has a legitimate purpose under The Privacy Act 1988 [Cth], that is to say they comply with the 11 Privacy Principles in Section 14 of the Act.

The truth is there is no such thing as a "Privacy Policy", just as there was no such thing as a "Y2K Policy" or a "Quality System Policy". All of these "policies" are simply rorts to make money for "people of low moral fibre".

So please answer all the questions in the first 3 boxes or we simply will not be able to prepare and post a Report to you. Then fill out the Income, Asset details as applicable to your situation.

Name of "Contact" Person
Same person as for Centrelink
Gender & Date of Birth
Address Line #1
eg 34 Main Street
Address Line #2
Smithfield NSW
eg 2000
eg mypension@pension.com.au
Phone Number
eg 02 6589 1234
Name of "Other" Person
Leave blank if Single Pensioner
Gender & Date of Birth

Please enter a number from 1 to 4 according to your situation as defined in the following list

1 = Single Pensioner
2 = Pensioner Couple
3 = Couple, only one a Pensioner
4 = Pensioner Couple separated because of illness
Centrelink Classification
See Key above

Your General Details

Nominated Start AGE for Scenarios
eg 65
Nominated Start YEAR for Scenarios
eg 2010
Are you Homeowners?
select yes or no

Allocated Pension Details

Allocated Pension Capital Amount
for $240,000 type 240000
Your guess at Growth Rate of Allocated Pension
for 7.6% type 7.6 (type 0 for none)
Any "CPI" increase wanted for Allocated Pension
for 2.6% type 2.6 (type 0 for none)

"Centrelink" Assets

Cars, Boats etc
for $50,000 type 50000
Home Contents
for $50,000 type 50000
for $50,000 type 50000
Caravans etc
for $50,000 type 50000
Real Estate eg Beach House
for $250,000 type 250000
Miscellaneous Assets
for $50,000 type 50000

Investment Assets

Funds in Banks etc
for $50,000 type 50000
Managed Funds etc
for $50,000 type 50000
Residual Super Funds
for $50,000 type 50000
Other (shares etc)
for $50,000 type 50000

Your Income

Payments (DrawDown) from your Allocated Pension
for $10,000 per annum type 10000
Rental Income etc (after Deductions)
for $1,000 per annum type 1000
Income from Casual Employment
for $1,000 per annum type 1000
Other Income (eg EBay, Knitting Classes etc)
for $1,000 per annum type 1000