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The provider of the Service at this site [ie I/me] is himself an Aged Pensioner [and the Minister now says we must use the word "Senior"]. Unfortunately [like so many Family Law victims] I lost all my Super in the lousy Family Court of Australia a long time ago.

As such, I have learnt how to live on a shoestring so the rate of Aged Pension will hopefully [save for major automotive/health etc problems] "see me through" in my frugal "lifestyle" [albeit that the word "lifestyle" generally infers some opulence for the lifestylee].

So my purpose in taking on this new venture is NOT to burden my life with the same efforts and rewards in my former life that proved so attractive to the Family Court to REMOVE from me, but rather just a few dollars extra for that loaf of bread every second Tuesday to augment my meagre lifestyle.

So to cut to the chase, I can earn $150 a fortnight without decreasing my meagre pension, but MORESO not having to re-engage in mortal paperwork with myriad government departments/quangos, now with added snooping power via their self legislated "privacy policies", so THAT [at July 2010] is the fee for service.

The possible downside for you is I can only do ONE job per fortnight, but "them's the rules" folks, so get in early if you need help as the queue may be long. I would however stress that the fee only applies AFTER we have looked at your case in outline and agreed that it IS a suitable case for treatment.